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Faculty Committee

René T.A. Lysloff, Ph.D. Chair (Music)
Office: 3104 CHASS INTS
Tel: (951) 827-3606
e-mail: rene.lysloff@ucr.edu

Committee in Charge

Muhamad Ali (Religious Studies)
Office: 3017 CHASS INTN
Tel: (951) 827-5111
e-mail: muhamad.ali@ucr.edu

Mariam Beevi Lam (Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages)
Office: 2502 HMNSS Building
Tel: (951) 827-3365
e-mail: mariam.lam@ucr.edu

Lynda Bell (History)
Office: 7704 HMNSS Building
Tel: (951) 827-7179
e-mail: lsbell@ucr.edu

David Biggs (History)
Office: 6600 HMNSS Building
Tel: (951) 827-1877
e-mail: david.biggs@ucr.edu

Edward Chang (Ethnic Studies)
Office: 4025 CHASS INTN
Tel:( 951) 827-1825
e-mail: edward.chang@ucr.edu

Paul Chang (Religious Studies)
Office: INTN 2016
Tel: (951) 827-5986
email: paul.chang@ucr.edu

Lucille Chia (History)
Office: 6602 HMNSS Building
Tel: (951) 827-5401 x1-1981

Kuei Chiu, M.A. Non-Voting (Rivera Library)
Office: Rivera Library-Collection Development
Tel: (951) 827-3705
e-mail: kuei.chiu@ucr.edu

Ginger G. Hsü, Ph.D. (Art History)
Office: 227 Arts Building
Tel: (951) 827-4632
e-mail: ginger.hsu@ucr.edu

Kelly Jeong (Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages)
Tel: (951) 827-1220
e-mail: kelly.jeong@ucr.edu

Ruhi Khan (Media and Cultural Studies)
Office: 3145 CHASS INTS
Tel: (951) 827-1050
email: ruhi.khan@ucr.edu

Jodi Kim (Ethnic Studies)
Office: 4034 CHASS INTN
Tel: (951) 827-2523
e-mail: jodi.kim@ucr.edu

John Kim (Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages)
Tel: (951) 827-1260
e-mail: john.kim@ucr.edu

Perry Link (Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages)
Office: HMNSS 2504
Tel: (951) 951-827-7057
e-mail: perry.link@ucr.edu

Hendrik Maier (Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages)
Office: 2405 HMNSS Building
Tel: (951) 827-1392
e-mail: hendrik.maier@ucr.edu

Sally Ness (Anthropology)
Office: WAT 1304
Tel: (951) 827-6452
e-mail: sally.ness@ucr.edu

Lisa Raphals, Ph.D. (Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages)
Office: 2609 HMNSS Building
Tel: (951) 827-1270
e-mail: lisa.raphals@ucr.edu

Christina Schwenkel (Anthropology)
Office: 1327 Watkins Hall
Tel: (951) 827-5521
e-mail: christina.schwenkel@ucr.edu

Eric Schwitzgebel (Philosophy)
Office: 3208 HMNSS Building
Tel: (951) 827-4288
e-mail: eric.schwitzgebel@ucr.edu

Setsu Shigematsu (Media and Cultural Studies)
Office: 3122 CHASS INTS
Tel: (951) 827-5679
e-mail: setsu.shigematsu@ucr.edu

Pashaura Singh (Religious Studies)
Office: 3050 CHASS INTN
Tel: (951) 827-6444
e-mail: pashaura.singh@ucr.edu

Yenna Wu (Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages)
Tel: (951) 827-1209
e-mail: yenna.wu@ucr.edu

Yang Ye, Ph.D. (Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages)
Office: 2611 HMNSS Building
/Tel: (951) 827-1279
e-mail: yang.ye@ucr.edu

Administrative Staff and Academic Advising

Please visit http://mfau.ucr.edu/