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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Asian Studies majors can focus on any aspect of Asia and/ or Asian America, and are strongly encouraged to select a disciplinary focus in Anthropology, Art History, History, Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages, Ethnic Studies, Music and Culture, Media and Cultural Studies, or Religious Studies. Students may choose to focus on the historical interactions and cultural similarities and differences among East, Northeast, South, Southeast, West, and Central Asia peoples, including those constituting transnational and/or diaspora communities throughout the world. Students interested in Asian diaspora communities are also urged to consider a secondary disciplinary focus in Ethnic Studies, leading to a minor in Asian American Studies.

The Asian Studies program is designed to allow students to take a broader perspective on Asian Studies by developing a comparative as well as an interdisciplinary approach to the study of different geographical and cultural areas within Asia. To graduate, are required to write a senior thesis during the first or second quarter of their senior year. (This is a substantial paper based on original research, under the supervision of one faculty member of the Asian Studies program.) Students should consult with their advisors for program planning.

The Education Abroad Program (EAP) is an excellent opportunity to learn more about another country and its culture while taking courses, which earn credit toward graduation. In addition to yearlong programs, a wide range of shorter options is also available. While on EAP, students are still eligible for financial assistance. Students are advised to plan to study abroad well in advance so as to ensure that the courses taken fit with their overall program back at UCR. For further detail see the University of California's EAP website at www.eap.ucop.edu or contact UCR's International Services Center at (951) 827-4113.

Undergraduate research and special studies

Independent research under faculty supervision is an important part of the Asian Studies program. It has led to several outstanding theses. The program encourages independent research and thesis writing. Internships are available. Asian Studies majors have ready access to resources in other departments, including a large collection of videotapes of Asian music and dance in the Dance Department, and a rapidly growing Asian language collection and extensive holdings on Asian
Pacific Americans in the Library. The Music Department has various Asian music ensemble courses, including Javanese gamelan, Japanese taiko, Philippine rondalla, and Indian tabla.

The University Honors Program offers lower-division courses taught by distinguished faculty and introduces undergraduates to the challenges and rewards of scholarship and research from the beginning of their undergraduate careers. In the upper division, the program invites outstanding students to design and produce honors theses and projects under individual faculty supervision. Through the departmental Honors Program, Highly Qualified students are invited to conduct a research thesis of their own initiative and design in collaboration with a faculty member. Participation in the Honors Program is the capstone of an excellent education.

Through the Education Abroad Program, UCR students can add and international perspective to their education by studying and living in another country while earning UC credit. Asian Studies majors may be especially interested in programs in Indonesia, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Viet Nam, The Philippines, and Japan.

Preparing for transfer

Students planning to transfer to UCR as an Asian Studies major should:

  1. Meet the UC admission requirements for transfers,
  2. Complete the coursework required to meet the lower division major requirements.
  3. Complete the breadth requirements for UCR's College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, preferably by following the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum, IGETC.

Related Literature and References

UCR currently has articulation agreements with most of the California community colleges. These agreements list the specific community college courses that have been designated as comparable UCR courses. The articulation agreements are available at the statewide articulation Web site, http://www.assist.org or at California community colleges.

Detailed information about UCR's admission requirements is presented in the UC publications, Application for Undergraduate Admission & Scholarships, Introducing the University and Answers for Transfers and in the UC Riverside General Catalog. The UC publications are available at online and at California high schools and community colleges. The UC Riverside General Catalog is online at http://www.catalog.ucr.edu or for purchase through the UCR Bookstore, (951) 827-4211.